Solar panel efficiency can be understood only if you have the necessary solar panel information including some basic facts. Recent energy analysis has proven that minimizing energy waste is one of the best and most important economic and environmental bargains of the Earth. Nowlike many people, you may ask: “Do solar cells save energy or waste it?” Read on to find out the answer to your question.

Solar Panel Efficiency: Do Solar Cells Save Energy Or “Waste” It?

To answer this question we need to know one thing: solar cells create energy saving substitute conventional energy. In other words, thanks to using solar power, one can save energy by electricity demand. In this way, you save not only energy, environment, but also your money. Green energy allows you to minimize your electricity bills. In one word, solar cells help to save energy and money by generating sunlight to electricity. This type of alternative energy is renewable and can be used in unlimited amount until sunlight and sunshine are over forever.

Are solar energy panels really efficient?

Unfortunately, not all people worldwide realize the importance of using solar energy. Therefore we cannot claim that our planet saves energy as needed. According to experts, if all people worldwide became enough serious about energy efficiency, our planet could save about 1 trillion dollars each and every year. As a result, global energy efficiency would increase in half within the next 5-10 years.

At the moment, solar power technology is still a far way from real efficiency. Solar cells currently on the market capture 9-18% of the available sunlight. It is estimated that in the coming years, technological breakthroughs will allow solar cells to use over 50% of the sunlight. But we are still a long way from there. Despite this, a solar power system gradually pays for itself, and you notice drops in your electric bill. If you have a really efficient solar power system, you can even completely take your house off the grid. If the initial investment required is a problem, then you can build your own using solar cells you can buy at any hardware store and some other materials that are cheap and common.

How long do they last?

If you use commercial solar energy panels, you should expect them to last 10 to 25 years. The margin is so large because it is hard to predict how atmospheric conditions will affect the panels. Some panels last longer than others depending on the elements.

The advantage of homemade solar panels is that you know exactly what they have to withstand. As a result, you can make some tweaks that will allow your panels to last even longer. Also, you will have the knowledge required to perform maintenance and repairs. This is why homemade solar panels are such a great option.