What is the best solar battery for home energy storage?

There are different solar storage solutions available in the market. For home owners, it often feels overwhelming determining the best solar battery for home energy storage.  So what are some of the factors to consider when you want to select the best solar storage solution? Let’s have a look at some considerations you need to look at to ensure you purchase the right solar energy storage battery.

  1. The Capacity and Power of the Solar Storage Solution

Note that battery capacity refers to the total amount of electricity that your solar battery will be able to store. The capacity of the solar battery is usually measured in Amp Hours. For instance, we have 17 AH.  To ensure you purchase a solar energy storage battery that suits your needs, you should first determine the power wattage you consume over a particular period of time.

For instance, if you consume 240 watts in one hour, you need a solar energy storage battery that will produce the energy needed. This means that you should convert the battery capacity into watts to determine if the battery will serve you to the best as per your needs. For instance, a battery with 20AH and a battery voltage of 12 Volts will give you 20*12 which is 240 watts in an hour. Therefore, if you need 240 watts for just 45 minutes, this is a suitable battery.

  1. The Depth of Discharge

Abbreviated as D.O.D the depth of discharge refers to the ability of the solar battery to retain some charge. It is the amount of battery capacity that is used before the need for recharging the battery. For instance, if a battery of 20 kWh has a D.O.D of 90%, it means that you should be able to use up to 18 kWh before recharging the battery. Therefore, always go for a storage battery that has a high percentage of D.O.D.

  1. The Round-Trip Efficiency

Batteries round trip efficiency represents the amount of energy used as a percentage of the energy that was taken to recharge the battery. Basically, if you fed five kWh of solar energy and will get up to 4 kWh of electricity back, then the round trip efficiency is determined as 4/5 and it is 80% in this case. When purchasing the solar power Storage battery, a high round-trip efficiency will mean that you can get more economic value out of the battery.

Consider the above factors when you are purchasing a battery for solar energy storage. Also, it is advisable that you always talk to an expert to help you determine the best battery for solar energy storage. Contact us for help when purchasing solar energy storage battery.