Residential solar installation Shiran

Under the roof of Shiran Solar Panels Fresno, you will get the positive outcome from your solar energy. Our company deals with commercial and residential solar installation. The solar energy system is the best for residential needs.

We can customize the solar panel as per the requirements and building location

Your residential building is best for solar panel installation if

  • you own the property or a building
  • you pay 70 dollars/month electricity bills
  • you have the roof or the yard( 100sq or more)
  • you want to double the saving

You do not fall under the above mention criteria do not get dis-hearted. Our professional residential solar energy system designer customized the solar panel as per your requirements and location


If you hire Shiran Solar Panels Fresno for residential solar installation, you will observe the significant reduction in your utility bills

It’s not a new thing that residential solar installation reduces your electrical energy cost. But the point is the equipment, and the quality wiring has the impact on the efficiency of the solar energy system. Our company uses the excellent quality of equipment and wiring. The installation and connection play an essential role in the generation of electricity.

Our company uses best inverters

The solar energy system works on inverters or in another word its efficiency depends on the quality of the inverter. Poor inverters do not convert the DC into the AC completely.

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Follow the residential safety code

The Shiran Solar Panels Fresno follows the residential safety code of your area.

How our team works on residential projects

  • You can contact us online or call us at : (559)203-7313
  • Our team will ask some question to you regarding your residential property, your requirements, and your electricity bill cost.
  • Our residential solar panel expert team will review an orientation of the roof, measure the intensity of sunlight on your roof and another area in your property and we will inspect the architect of your residential building or home.
  • After all this, our residential solar installation expert set a meeting with you, in which they will discuss the financing options.
  • In the end, we design the best residential solar energy system to your home.

Our company focuses on the following point when offering residential solar installation

  • We will focus to reduce your home electric bill cost
  • We protect your money from the rate hikes
  • we make our residential client suitable for a money-saving tax credit
  • If you hire Shiran Solar Panels Fresno for residential solar installation, it will increase your home value.