Commercial solar installation

The commercial buildings and business are the best candidates for solar energy system because of their usage of electricity. Some businessmen do not know about the operational and financial benefits of the solar energy system. But our company, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno educates you about the benefits of commercial solar installation and also provides installation services for your business. By availing our company’s commercial solar installation, they can make the severe impact on their carbon emission and financial expenditure. To get the solar energy system installation at the best price then contact us.

How Our Team Works

Consultation with the specialist: commercial solar installation job started with the consultation. When you choose us for solar installation the expert of our company, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno’s expert visit your business area and inspect the location for commercial solar installation. After that, we offer the commercial panel design as per your location and direction of sun rays to extract maximum advantage from solar energy. We handle all documentation: after the consultation and designs and you hire us for commercial panel installation we will do all the documentation work and make sure we install the commercial solar panel up to industrial standard.


Installation and designs

Saving related cost and energy starts with a phone call to Shiran Solar Panels Fresno regarding the installation of the solar energy system to your building and business. Whether it is the office building roof, industrial surface or storefront, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno commercial solar installation team will install the solar panel, by installing the solar panel it will reduce the electricity utility bills of business owners, and therefore you can double the saving.

Why rent the power from a company, when your industry and business has the potential to generate energy by using 300 and bright days.
Lower cost of energy by calling Shiran Solar Panels Fresno at: (559)203-7313

How we install

• inspection
• We design solar panel considering shading, the angle of the roof.
• mount solar panel, power cable, and hardware
• that connect to grid station

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Commercial solar panel financing assistance

Our company, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno offer financing options to our commercial clients. For further information visit us or call us

Call us for free quality commercial solar installation

At Shiran Solar Panels Fresno we can proudly say that we offer quality work to our clients. With great care, we handle our company’s every project. Under the supervision of a commercial solar panel, our team installs the solar energy system for your commercial buildings. Our commercial solar team works fast so that you can avail the benefits from your solar energy system as soon as possible.

No cost replacement and repair form Shiran Construction Fresno

Repair is free for our [area] installer clients who are under warranty.

Free consultation on commercial solar installation

Our company, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno offers a free consultation and quotation for commercial solar panel installation. Call us now or email us and schedule your free consultation with us. You also get a free quotation for commercial solar installation.