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Under the roof of Shiran Solar Panels Fresno you will get the positive outcome from your solar energy…


The commercial buildings and business are the best candidates for solar energy system because of their usage of electricity…


Shiran Solar Panels Fresno can clean, upgrade, maintain and repair the solar PV system…



Professional solar panel installation

Our team has experience in designating customized commercial solar panels and solar energy system for a variety of commercial building and business.

Customer care service

Do you face a problem with your solar panel, batteries or wiring? register your complaint at our customer care number: (559)203-7313

House solar panel installation

Shiran Solar Panels Fresno is the first company who offers custom residential solar panel designs, use quality equipment, provides expert installation and superior services for your residential solar energy system.

Maintenance and repair

Your solar energy system does require annual maintenance. Call the expert, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno at (559)203-7313 for a solar energy system maintenance appointment. Our company does regular maintenance from get up on a roof to the solar energy system modules inspection.

About us
At Shiran Solar Panels Fresno’s solar panel builder has been involved in the installation, procurement, and design of the solar energy system since 2017. Having a solar panel on Fresno commercial and residential building does not need much effort. You sit back and enjoy how our utility cost reduces. The solar panel has photovoltaic technology which generates power automatically, and it requires little maintenance and repair. You just purchased the commercial building or home and its solar PV system giving trouble in its function.


Our company, Shiran Solar Panels Fresno helps the citizen of Fresno with
long-lasting, reasonably priced and high-quality solar energy solution.


Our priority

Our company priority to mar sure that our client is pleased with our solar energy system installation. We have the evidence of satisfied customer, read the customer feedback.
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